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Printed Wiring Design

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Electro-mechanical Design

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About DCP Design Services

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We have provided our clients with design services specializing in printed wiring, hybrid circuits, RF packaging, and mechanical design for the past 33 years. We are experienced with the design and layout requirements and documentation control - both electrical and mechanical - in the electronics industry. If your company is searching for design support staff to assist with engineering and design efforts, we can help your project move forward at DCP Design Services.
Printed Wiring
  • Creation of the parts library - IPC-7351A
  • Schematic capture and netlist creation
  • PWB Layout of mixed signal high-speed digital and analog boards
    • Rigid
    • Flex
    • Rigid-Flex
    • Microvia
    • Microwave
    • Star - single point - grounding
    • Controlled Impedance
    • Matched trace lengthening
    • Constraint management
    • Signal Integrity Analysis
      • surface mount
      • through hole
      • mixed technologies
      • BGAs, CSP
  • Generation of fabrication package
    • Drill drawings
    • Gerber data
  • Generation of assembly package
    • Assembly drawing
    • Cabling
    • Specialized component carriers
    • Bill of Materials
  • Checking of design package to applicable standards (ISO, IPC, MIL)
  • Creation and incorporation of engineering change orders (ECO)
Hybrid Circuits
  • Chip on Board (COB)
  • Multi Chip Modules (MCM)
  • Chip scale packaging (CSP)
  • ASIC Design
  • Printed resistors and capacitors
RF Packaging
  • RF packaging and mechanical design of upper-level assemblies related to printed wiring and hybrid components
  • Engineering EMI/EMC shielding techniques, including shielded enclosure design, where radiated emissions measurements (REM) are required
Mechanical Design
  • Rack and Panel
  • Shielded enclosures
  • Component carriers
  • Design and Engineering


BioTillion LLC, Skillman, New Jersey
Lockheed Martin, Owego, New York
ON Semiconductor (formerly TRUESENSE imaging, Inc.), Rochester, New York
Polybus International, Inc., San Lorenzo, California
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SAIC, Vista, California
Rauland-Borg, Mount Prospect, Illinois
Elkhart Brass, Elkhart, Indiana
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Particle Measuring Systems Incorporated, Boulder, Colorado
Kaman Sciences Aerospace, Colorado Springs, Colorado
LogEtronics Incorporated, Springfield, Virginia
Sterling Design Corporation, Sterling, Virginia
Martin Marietta Corporation, Littleton, Colorado
Defense Systems Incorporated, McLean, Virginia
Racal Communications Incorporated, Rockville, Maryland
Watkins-Johnson Company, Gaithersburg, Maryland
Precision Graphics Incorporated, Reston, Virginia
Aiken Advanced Systems, Alexandria, Virginia
Sperry Corporation, Reston, Virginia
Atlantic Aviation Corporation, Wilmington, Delaware
General Foods Corporation, Dover, Delaware
City of Dover Electric Department, Dover, Delaware

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©1998-2018 DeeP Chocolate Productions, Inc., ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.